Thankful for Holidays

First off, I’m thankful that I finally got myself together to join in with this meme. Every week I get to Thursday and think “Crap, I’ve forgotten about Thankful Thursday again!” and then promise myself I will get it together for the next week and so on and so on. So I’m very thankful today that the blogging gods smiled upon me and the planets finally aligned for me to take part!

What I am REALLY thankful for today is the fact that I am now on holidays from work. I have a week at home to spend with my kids and my husband. I can catch up on all that housework piling up around me and maybe, just maybe, have some fun too.

I’m thankful that my kids have lots of playdates lined up next week. While it is slightly embarrassing that they have a richer social life than I, I am so glad that they have these get-togethers to look forward to. I’m also looking forward to catching up with some of the parents too, so maybe my social life isn’t so sad after all!

I’m thankful that my elder kids have successfuly enjoyed sleepovers with their grandparents this week. This was a big step for all of us and it is such a relief that everything has gone so well. Maybe we can try for longer stays in the next holidays…

Finally, I’m thankful that everyone is well and happy at the moment. Typically in our house at least one person is sick in the holidays so it is quite exciting that, so far, we’re all fighting fit (although I have now jinxed myself, haven’t I?)

So, those are the things I’m thankful for this week. Thanks to Diary of a SAHM for hosting this week and I look forward to linking up with Kate Says Stuff next week (fingers and toes crossed!)

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2 Responses

  1. Jess says:

    Holidays are the best aren’t they?
    But how funny is it when we are glad for time off to clean?

    Glad you got around to joining. Hope to see you next week!
    Jess recently posted..Thankful Thursday- The Fair-Thee-Well Edition

    • Kirsty says:

      Thanks Jess, hoping to be back for another go next week! and yes, it is sad when we use our holidays to clean…i’d obviously rather do other things but we can’t have the family living in a hovel 😉

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