I Must Confess…I Enjoy Getting my Geek On

I have been amused lately when I’ve checked my site stats, particularly when looking at the keywords bringing poor unsuspecting folk to My Home Truths.

It seems some of my earlier posts discussing my conversion to some of my husband’s geek interests bring people to the site when they search for Doctor Who, and more specifically, Doctor Who and his newest enemy, The Silence. I am equally bemused and impressed that these searches are finding me at all…what a classic!

Who am I to deny those poor souls what they most desire?

So, without further ado, here are 5 more of my favourite geek guilty pleasures:

5. The Big Bang Theory

This is such a funny show and you don’t need to be a geek to appreciate it – it is funny on so many levels.   But having a geek husband I can so relate to the character of Penny as she tries to understand what Sheldon, Leonard, Raj and Howard are on about half the time. The comic book and pop culture references are great and I do tend to laugh out loud with each episode – even those I have seen about a million times before (thanks for TBBT overload Channel 9/GEM/NBN/WIN)

4. The IT Crowd

This gem is shown on ABC1 and 2 and is a British comedy about a small IT department in the basement of a high-rise building. One of my husband’s favourite episodes features one of the IT’ers, Moss (Richard Ayode) running a role playing game (one of his geek interests I have not chosen to take on) while my favourite ends with Moss stuck in a skill tester machine after desperately trying to get a free Apple iPhone. Definitely well worth a watch when it next airs on ABC!

3. Dr Horrible’s Sing Along Blog

My husband only recently introduced me to this 2008 internet mini-series and it is fabulous. It is a musical romantic comedy tragedy – but don’t let that put you off! It stars Neil Patrick Harris (How I Met Your Mother) as Dr Horrible, an aspiring supervillian desperate to defeat his nemesis, Captain Hammer (Castle’s Nathan Fillion) and connect with his laundromat crush Penny (The Guild’s Felicia Day). This was written and produced by Joss Whedon (Buffy) and is a lot of fun.  Apparently they will be making a sequel – I can assure I won’t be waiting 3 years before seeing that!

2. The Guild

This is an ongoing web series created and starring Felicia Day (from Dr Horrible’s Sing Along Blog). It is all about a group of online gamers and each episode only goes for 7 to 10 minutes. They are currently into Series 5 and it is a great diversion if you don’t have heaps of time to watch a movie or a longer TV show. Just search for The Guild on YouTube and you’ll find it – well worth a look, very funny and will definitely amp up your geek cred (if that’s what you’re looking to do…)

1.  Glee

Okay, so this not so geeky as gleeky, but it is a whole lot of fun and I am a sucker for musical numbers!  If you still haven’t treated yourself to an episode of Glee, you should when it returns to Channel 10. Sure, Season 2 wasn’t quite as sublime as Season 1 but it was still an enjoyable ride and I’m looking forward to seeing where Season 3 takes us (as well as what clangers Brittany will come out with next…)

And, to prove my geek credentials, just check me out getting my geek on in the photo below:

The shirt sports the words “Gaming Widow” – my husband bought it for me, ain’t he grand! And I am wearing my glasses too – I have had glasses since I was 5 years old – I wear them all the time at work but rarely wear them at home…figure that one out…

Do you have any “geek” interests? If so, what do you do to get your geek on?


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14 Responses

  1. i think we all have a little geek in us!!! Maybe we just dont want to admit it! Or maybe it is just not my time…
    tahlia – the parenting files recently posted..I know that you are better to ask then not

    • Kirsty says:

      Haha Tahlia, yes, I think we all secretly have a little geek in us – in my case, it took my husband’s influence to let mine out!!!

  2. LOL! Readers from all walks of life huh! That is exciting!
    Can’t say I have any obvious geek traits… I do have a friend who like you has a ‘geek’ husband. They have a whole series of those kind of t-shirts and I get confirmation that I am NOT in the club is when I have to get them to explain how the t-shift is actually funny….? Then i still don’t get it….
    Carly Webber recently posted..[NO TITLE]

  3. Melissa says:

    I’ve never actually watched The BBT. I really want to though. I have an Aspie boy, and I’ve heard one of their characters plays one, and really well. Every single ASD Mum I’ve spoken to watches and LOVES the show.

    I’d have to start at the beginning. How many seasons in are they?
    Melissa recently posted..Sweet Sarah – The Girl in a Million

    • Kirsty says:

      I am not sure what season they’re up to right now (I think it is Season 4), but I haven’t seen them in any order and still enjoy them (serioulsy just turn on Channel 9 or GEM any night of the week and you’re sure to catch an episode). Sheldon is the Aspie character – I suspect my son will be like him one day, even down to his requests for signs to clarify when sarcasm is being used!

  4. Marita says:

    I wore my Captain Hammer shirt the other day. First I had to explain it to the school chaplain who asked ‘What is that all about’… although I’m wishing I’d be quick thinking enough to say ‘The hammer is my p*nis’.

    Then I got a total thrill when the girl who served me at the 3 shop said ‘I love your Captain Hammer shirt’.
    Marita recently posted..Birthday Parties are Hard

    • Kirsty says:

      Marita, my husband and I nearly wet ourselves when Captain Hammer came out with that one – would have paid to have seen your school chaplain’s face if you had have said that to him!
      I am late to the party with this one but I could watch it again and again – sheer genius (doesn’t hurt that I also love Nathan Fillion and Neil Patrick Harris anyway…)

  5. Liz says:

    Also a fan of the Big Bang Theory and it definitely appears to be alot funnier to those of us who love an aspie.
    My husband and I also get our geek on by spending our rare moments of free time playing rpgs like Oblivion and Assasin’s Creed on the X-box 360, I strategise and he controls.

    • Kirsty says:

      Liz, that sounds like the perfect arrangement! I’m not a fan of RPGs myself (mainly because I cannot strategise and just give up because I am so crap!) but I do enjoy my geek TV. I can definitely see my son being very Sheldon-like when he gets older…love it!

  6. I love Glee!! Cant wait for it to finally return to TV! Didnt get into the Glee Project though!
    Kirsty@ MummyToFive recently posted..Weekend Rewind — Sharing the zero comments love…

    • Kirsty says:

      Kirsty, I didn’t get into the Glee Project either – gave it a few tries but it didn’t grab me. Hoping the real thing gets fasttracked on Channel 10 when it starts again in the US later this month! Very excited already!!!!

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