Random Things I Know

I am playing again with Shae from Yay for Home and rambling on about all the very random things I know this week, like:

* I know I want it to rain this afternoon so I don’t have to take Matilda Bear to tennis coaching. I know this is selfish and wrong but I just want an easy afternoon at home today – is that too much to ask?

* I know I had a great time last night. I went out to dinner with an old friend (we went to Nursery School/Pre-school together…well over 30 years ago now!) and while we hadn’t seen each other for a little while we just picked up where we left off. I was only gone from home for 2 hours but it was just what I needed to recharge the batteries and feel human again.

* I know being an advocate for my children and their education is necessary, but exhausting. I know I have forgotten their homework a few nights this week and feel like I’m always playing catch-up with things. Not to mention trying to remember all those fundraising days and to return library books and to sign and pay for excursions….#mummyfail

* I know I am grateful for the advice and support of medical specialists but I am not loving the array of appointments we are currently having to attend. Apart from the physical effort of getting the kids there on time, there’s the mental strain of ensuring I have all the paperwork completed and in order, the pressure of finding ways to not impinge too much on my limited work hours (fat chance!) and the sheer cost of it all. I feel like I am being physically, emotionally and literally bankrupted by it all…needing some strength to get me through!

* I know my husband is a keeper. He brought flowers last weekend for my birthday, together with a box of chocolate coated scorched almonds (my all time favourite treat!) together with a few vouchers for me to spend. He knows his way into this girl’s heart!

* I know we are having a social weekend. Tomorrow we are having lunch with two other families and their kids and on Sunday we are going to a 40th morning tea followed by going to the Wallsend Winter Carnivale. It’s our town’s local fair and it makes me proud to see what our little town can offer. It should be good fun.

So there’s a fairly random collection of things I know – now go over to Yay for Home and see what everyone else knows this week!

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6 Responses

  1. Oh, what a hubby. Mine bought me Sara Lee cookies and cream cheesecake tonight. Feeling rather spoilt!!! 🙂

  2. There’s nothing like catching up with an old friend, getting out of the house and feeling human again! Big brownie points to hubby for chocs and flowers. 🙂

  3. Shae says:

    Love busy social weekends-we’re having one too.

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