Cherishing my Three Little Bears #1 – Record

Today I am joining in on an amazing initiative by Naomi over at Seven Cherubs to Cherish Our Cherubs. Week One is all about recording something about our cherubs and taking note of who they are and what they are like right now.

So I would like to share a little more about each of my three little bears with you today to preserve a record of who they are right now – so I can look back in years to come and have a snapshot of their amazing personalities and wonderful gifts.

My eldest, Gilbert Bear, is 7 and in Year 1 at school. He is great at Maths and English but has no interest in PDPE or in performing.  He is currently obsessed by space, the moon, the sun, the stars and the planets and consults a book of facts everyday to learn more about it all.

He is a witty and funny boy. The other day he asked us what a hooker was – while we frantically tried to come up with a suitable answer he then told us he wanted to know because his pop used to be one! So we were saved by rugby league – hooray!

He cherishes his alone time and can be found most of the time in our front yard where he roams around play-acting and making up stories. He also loves going for walks, playing at the park and pottering around on his piano. He is mostly a happy, inquisitive and chatty little boy.

The photo below is a snapshot of his current interests – he loves writing stories and drawing comics, there is his book of facts along with his dome magnifier and his glasses which helps him read the small print. And at the centre is Gilbert Bear himself, my son’s loyal friend.

Gilbert and his most cherished possessions...

My middle daughter, Matilda Bear, will be 6 in October and is already worrying about what to do for her birthday! She started Kindergarten this year and is already soaking up so much information into her thirsty brain – she is currently enthralled by her class’s book week topic on China.

She loves her My Little Ponies and watching Barbie movies, sings and dances everywhere and enjoys her weekly tennis lessons. Matilda Bear has the most vivid imagination and is always pretending to be something new everyday – I can barely keep up with her!

She always seeks cuddles and tells me how much she loves me countless times each day. If I have a headache or feel unwell she will pat me on the back or stroke my head tenderly and ask me if that makes me feel better! She is fascinated with animals and would love nothing better than to have a puppy of her own one day.

The photo below is a snapshot of what she loves right now – her new My Little Pony colouring book next to some of her favourite pony figurines. A few examples of her extensive collection of play jewellery, plus some of her teddies, dollys and stuffed toys. And, of course, Matilda, her bear, in the middle of it all!

My Matilda Bear and her precious things...

My baby girl is Delilah Bear who will be 16 months old next Sunday. She is already following in her siblings’ footsteps and developing a love of drawing – I’m just trying to gently nudge this onto paper and not onto the walls! She has a cheeky and inquisitive personality which amuses and frustrates me by turns – heaven help us all when she hits the terrible twos….

Her favourite activities at the moment include playing with Matilda’s dollhouse (instead of lovingly placing selected items of furniture, Delilah likes seeing how far they travel when thrown), playing on the trampoline and escaping out the front door to see what life is like on our front verandah. She loves cuddling her teddy bear and getting into mischief in either her brother or sisters’ rooms!

Her favourite program is In The Night Garden and she watches it while having her bedtime bottle every night. Delilah loves music and madly claps her hands and bops in time to it – very cute. She puts her hands up for cuddles all the time and clings on to you hard, just like a little koala bear!

This photo represents what she most enjoys each day – there is a faint drawing she made at daycare last week, some of her favourite books, her blocks and her toothbrush! Delilah Bear is just soaking it all up in the middle there…just like her real-life owner!

Miss Delilah and a few of her favourite things...

I love my three little bears with all my heart – they are warm and exuberant and entertaining and generous and funny and affectionate. They are my world and I will always cherish their individuality, creativity and imagination. Thanks for allowing me to share a little snapshot of them with you!

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10 Responses

  1. Yeran says:

    I love that you posted photos of what they really like or are into at the moment! What a great idea!
    Yeran recently posted..Cherishing Your Cherubs Project Monday Link Up: Record…

    • Kirsty says:

      Thanks Yeran! I don’t do photos very much but thought this post warranted it – I look forward to showing this to them when they’re older so they can remember what they used to like too!

  2. How creative of you! So many of their favourite things will be gone when they’ve grown up, and you’ve captured it for them. Really nice idea. Thanks for sharing 🙂
    Laney @ Crash Test Mummy recently posted..{Crash Test} Cherishing the CrashKids

  3. I love how you’ve done this, Kirsty. Adding a few of their favourite things is such a clever thing to do. Fabulous! x
    Kellie @ Three Li’l Princesses recently posted..Cherish your cherubs: Recording my princesses’ lives

  4. Love this post. I totally love the idea of taking a picture of what they treasure the most at the moment. I think I am going to copy this idea and do it for my seven cherubs. What gorgeous children you have and thanks so much for linking up with us. N x

    • Kirsty says:

      Thanks for hosting such a wonderful linkup – I really enjoyed recording something about my three little bears this week, looking forward to unearthing some of my memories of them next week!

  5. What a lovely keep sake, especially the photos x

    • Kirsty says:

      Thanks! Thinking about what to do for the next challenge…it’s such an inspiring project to capture the individuality of our cherubs!

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