A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Sydney…

My husband and I travelled to Sydney yesterday, a rare chance to spend a day together, sans kids.  We went down to attend Supanova, a pop culture convention that he was keen to attend. In case you are not aware of Supanova (I’ll assume you are not geeks!), it is a chance for die-hard sci-fi, fantasy and anime fans to costume up, mingle and meet their idols.  I was not as keen to go but I would never turn down an opportunity to spend some one-on-one time with my husband, so off we went.

In order to get to Supanova we needed to first deposit 3 kids at their Nan & Pa’s. This turned out to be easier than expected – for once there were no tears or tantrums on our departure. As an added bonus, we were offered use of their car for the day (so they could have ours with the kid’s car seats) so we departed on our way in a newer, cleaner car. Too good.

On our way, we discovered that both our mobile phones were nearly out of batteries, so decided to swing by our house to get our rechargers before stopping somewhere for breakfast. It was then that we discovered we didn’t have any keys to get into our house as we had traded them for the newer, cleaner car. After vainly searching for a way into our house without keys, we admitted defeat and instead sat in our own driveway and used our wireless Internet to find a cafe for breakfast.

You would think this wouldn’t be too hard. However, my husband has Coeliac disease which means he can’t have wheat or gluten products so we tried vainly for half an hour, sitting in our driveway, to find a suitable place for breakfast. Again, admitting defeat, we decided to hit the road anyway and take our chances. At this point I did ask my husband whether he really wanted to go to Sydney and if he did, could we go to Ikea instead, but he insisted we push on.

Stopping for petrol, I had trouble with the petrol cap and ended up with petrol on my cardigan (nice aroma, that) but, feeling only a teeny bit frustrated now, decided to push on anyway as we still had no way to get into our house to get clean clothes. But the petrol station did have a compatible in-car charger for my phone so at least we were still contactable in case of a kid-related emergency.

We stopped for a late breakfast half-way along the freeway.  It’s not ideal for my husband but he will do McDonald’s hash browns if necessary, but we found another cafe co-located that had bacon and eggs so we did that instead (I, rather generously, offered to eat his share of toast!). After making our order, we sat near the window and discovered there was actually a cafe across the car-park that had gluten-free options…d’oh! At this point, I was wondering whether this whole exercise was going to be worthwhile…

However, the rest of the journey passed uneventfully (except for those nervous moments on the Pacific Hwy through Wahroonga, etc, where the lanes on the road seem to be way too small for normal cars, let alone a 4WD!) We arrived at Sydney Olympic Park only an hour or so later than we intended and set about lining up to get into Supanova.

The line to get in was HUGE. There were oodles of people there, all keen to soak up the super-geeky atmosphere.  Don’t believe me? Check out this photo…

Supanova 2011
And the costumes. Sorry to disappoint you all but while we didn’t costume up ourselves, these brave souls did…

Stormtrooper from Star Wars and fairy???

The Angels & The Silence from Doctor Who

Captain Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean

You know, even though I am only a geek-in-training (my husband is the master, I am his apprentice, so to speak) i really did enjoy myself.  Everyone was happy, there was lots to see and while at times I felt like a sardine tightly squeezed into a can, no-one was rude and everyone seemed willing to wait their turn.

We bought nothing for ourselves (just turned out that way) but we did buy an Angry Birds beanie for Miss 5 and an Avengers superhero poster for Master 7.  The experience was more than enough for us!

So we headed homeward. But because we had some time to spare and it was on our way home, I did convince my husband to let me loose in Ikea on the way home – a perfect end to a highly interesting day!

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9 Responses

  1. Thankfully my hubby isn’t into Sci Fi. Not sure I could do it. What do you say to a grown man dressed as a Storm Trooper anyway? Glad the trip was fun. You are a good apprentice 🙂 x
    MultipleMum recently posted..Weekend Rewind – The ‘zero comment’ edition

  2. I would love to go and have a nose at one of those events, I reckon it’s catchy. And score you got to go to Ikea, mmmm meatballs 🙂 (BTW I searched my entire posts for the word bacon and it didn’t come up – bizzaro)
    Have a great weekend K – Em x
    Emily @ Have a laugh on me recently posted..Put another log on the fire – cook me up some bacon and some beans!

  3. Oh I love it! I didn’t really know that we had those sci fi conferences in Oz. frankly though I’m disappointed you didn’t dress up. Just kidding but who doesn’t how good is that storm trooper outfit!!!? So excellent.

  4. Supanova!!! Never been but would love to. Looks like a blast. I am a Buffy tragic. Were there any Buffy peeps there?
    Lisa @ Raising Explorers recently posted..The top five reasons why Peppa Pig rocks

  5. Robomum says:

    Supernova is on my calendar for next year. It looks like an interesting day out. I love the way out-of-towners get a huge kick out of Ikea. My relos always hassle me to go when they come and stay.
    Robomum recently posted..The Bacon Post About Teaching

  6. Lani says:

    Hilarious! Sounds like Australia’s version of comicon. I’m not into that but know full well the losing/forgetting/leaving stuff behind when travelling. One of these days I’ll forget the kids at home I’m sure 😉
    Lani recently posted..Made in Bangladesh

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