Oh, social networking, how I love you!

I attended my first Twitter party tonight, to mark the launch of the new Digital Parents website (check it out, it’s a great source of info for bloggers!) The party was awesome – I honestly didn’t know what to expect – the tweets flew thick and fast, we all mused on a variety of questions and the #digitalparents hashtag actually trended worldwide! It was the most fun you could have in your pyjamas, sitting on the lounge next to your oblivious partner, in front of the TV (I am clearly the queen of multi-tasking!)

What I liked the most was the ease of it all – after a day at work and an evening of kid-wrangling, it was easy to log in and soak it all in.  I didn’t need to dress up, I didn’t need to get the kids looked after, yet I was able to connect with countless other like-minded people and find out how and why they blog. 

I  learned lots tonight – as a ‘newbie’ I’m still in awe of the power of blogging and still trying to find my niche and my voice. But experiences like tonight just make me more determined to keep striving to produce quality content and earn a place alongside the other amazing bloggers out there.

Twitter is the most amazing social network – I have had an account for years but only started seriously using it last year, while on maternity leave. It served as my main source of news while we waited for our TV antenna to be replaced and has also been my main time wasting activity when procrastinating… 

Seeing Twitter used tonight was another eye-opener and really illustrated the true power of this network to communicate ideas, share information and, most importantly, bring people together. For someone like me who is intimidated when meeting new people face-to-face, Twitter and Facebook provide a safe way to cultivate new friendships and networks before taking the plunge and meeting ‘in real life’.

So I salute you, social networking! You rock!

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2 Responses

  1. Brenda says:

    Am glad you had fun!
    Brenda recently posted..Heres to wiping the slate clean

    • admin says:

      It was great Brenda – thanks again for providing us all with the opportunity to get together last night!

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