My baby is turning 1!

Something weird has happened. I swear I had a little baby not that long ago, a sweet little cherub who slept lots, who stayed happily in the one place and who was happy to play with the many toys she was given. Now I have an almost-toddler who is ominously trying to give up her morning sleep, trying to pull herself up on anything she can commando crawl to and who has discovered the power of the tantrum (which is pretty funny to witness right now, but give her time and I’m sure it will elicit the desired effect from me!)

My baby girl will turn 1 tomorrow – I know it is a cliche but I can’t believe how fast the time has gone.  It seems like yesterday that I cradled her in hospital after her birth, in awe that she had finally arrived to complete our little family. Wondering how her brother was going to react to her introduction to the family. Hoping her sister wouldn’t feel too many pangs of jealousy from no longer being Daddy’s only princess… Now I can’t imagine our little family without her cheeky smile and mischievous ways!

She has been a delight from the very first moment she came into our lives. It has helped that she has been the most placid and easy to settle of my 3 children, self-settling to sleep, rarely becoming upset and breezing through the introduction of solids and the emergence of her teeth. She adores her older brother and sister and loves nothing more than being with them as much as she can. Despite my fears, she has settled right into daycare which has made my return to work a little easier to bear. Her smile is infectious and her laugh contagious and she really is the happiest little being I have ever met.

In a way, I hope she can hold onto some of that sweetness and placidness for a little longer and delay her inevitable transformation into a rampaging toddler. But, on the other hand, while  I will miss my angel baby, I can’t wait to get to know the mischievous little monkey she is becoming – I think she is going to be a real little character and really shake things up in our family!

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